How To Make Money in GTA 5 Online 2023

GTA Online offers various ways to earn money, which is crucial for gameplay.

Recently, Rockstar Games has expanded the range of money-making methods in GTA Online. This abundance of options may overwhelm novice players who are looking to accumulate wealth in the game.

How To Make Money in GTA 5 Online 

In this article, we will simplify the process and assist novice players by highlighting the top 6 money-making methods in GTA Online for 2023.

1. First Dose Story missions

Rockstar Games recently launched the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC, featuring a new series of story missions. While the primary objective of these missions is to introduce players to new characters like Dax and Luchadora and showcase the Acid Lab business, completing them also rewards players with a significant amount of money.

Even if players are not interested in the story aspect of these missions, they can choose to skip the cutscenes and concentrate on completing all six missions. Doing so will easily earn them over $100,000 in GTA Online.

2. Casino Wheel

While it may not be the most reliable method, there is still value in trying one’s luck at the casino in GTA Online. Even if players don’t win money, they will receive something worthwhile.

It’s worth noting that the first spin at the casino is complimentary when players log into a session. Instead of letting this opportunity go to waste, it’s advisable to visit the Diamond Casino and take a shot at winning a cash prize.

With a stroke of luck, players have the chance to win over $100,000 without spending a dime. Therefore, it’s better to embrace the possibility of a lucky spin rather than avoiding it. Simply head to the Diamond Casino and test your luck.

3.Fooligan Jobs

As part of the Los Santos Drug Wars DLC in GTA Online, players can undertake a series of side missions called the Fooligan jobs. These missions are available by contacting Dax through the in-game phone, and there are a total of five missions to complete.

By successfully completing these missions, players can earn up to $100,000 in GTA Online. Additionally, accomplishing these missions also unlocks valuable upgrades for their Acid Lab equipment, which is essential for maximizing profits in the business.

4. Franklin’s Payphone

The Contract DLC introduced a compelling series of missions where players receive payphone calls from Franklin. These missions involve eliminating specific targets whose demise directly impacts the in-game stock market.

Completing each mission rewards players with approximately $15,000, allowing them to accumulate a total of $70,000. Moreover, the beauty of these missions lies in their time efficiency, as each one can be completed within just 15 minutes.

5. Time Trails

For GTA Online players who enjoy the thrill of racing and vehicular pursuits, Time Trials offer an ideal activity. In these missions, players are tasked with surpassing a designated par time. Accomplishing this feat rewards them with both monetary compensation and an increase in their reputation. It’s a fantastic opportunity to earn rewards while indulging in the joy of driving within the game.

Moreover, each race offers a substantial payout of $100,000. This means that by simply cruising the streets of Los Santos with confidence in their driving skills, players can amass a significant amount of wealth.

6. Night Club

The Nightclub business stands out as one of the most lucrative ventures in GTA Online. While the initial investment may be substantial, with some of the top nightclubs priced at over a million dollars, the potential for passive income is extraordinary.

What’s more, players don’t have to actively engage in extensive tasks. Their primary responsibility is to maintain the popularity of their nightclubs and undertake a few management missions to promote awareness. With this simple approach, becoming a millionaire in GTA Online is within reach in a surprisingly short period of time.

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