6 Types of Google Ads Extensions Assets – Examples

Types of Google Ads extensions are a great way to add extra text, links, and images to make your ads more informative and engaging. These extensions help provide users with more detailed information, encouraging them to click on your ad.

You can leverage different types of Google Ads extensions assets in your website, which we have explained below:

What Is Google Ads Extensions

Ever feel like your Google Ads just aren’t standing out enough? You’ve crafted compelling headlines and descriptions, but your competitors’ ads seem to take up more space and offer more information. That’s where Google Ads extensions come in, acting like superchargers for your campaigns.

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In a nutshell, Google Ads extensions (now called “assets” by Google) are extra bits of information you can add to your ads. These can include things like:

6 Types of Google Ads Extensions Assets

Sitelink extensions

These show links to different pages of your website, helping users directly access relevant information. Include more information in ads Increase click-through rate (CTR).

Example: Contact Us, Services, Product Categories |

Callout extensions

These are additional text snippets that highlight the value proposition of your ad. Emphasize benefits Expand ad copy Increase ad variety.

Example: Free shipping, 24/7 support, Award winning |

Structured snippet extensions

These showcase aspects of your business in clearly labeled categories, such as services, brands, or product types. Provide specific information Increase trust and authenticity And make the ad visually appealing.

Example: Free Wi-Fi, certified technicians, durable products.

Image extensions

These display relevant images alongside your ad, making the ad attract more attention.

Benefits: Increase ad visibility, create emotional connections, and showcase products.

Example: High-quality product images.

Call extensions

These display your phone number directly in your ad, allowing users to contact you immediately. |

Benefits: Convenient for mobile users Increase calls and lead generation. |

Example: Click-to-call functionality.

Lead Form Extensions.

These allow users to fill out lead forms directly from your ad, reducing the need to drive traffic to your website. |

Benefits: Simple lead capture Increase form submissions, improve user experience |

Example: Capturing name and email address |

To use Google Ads extensions, all you need to do is log in to your Google Ads account and choose to add extensions to your ad campaigns. Once added, the extensions will automatically appear with your ads, making them more informative and engaging.

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